We help large business make the big decisions.

Infrastructure and Cloud Consulting

Services to support customers with the strategy, transition, transformation, on-boarding, integration and service management of infrastructure within a complex enterprise environment.

Storage and Data Management

Services to support customers with strategy, architecture, design, implementation, migrations and operations of complex enterprise storage, backup, recovery, archiving and data management related systems.

Data Centre Consulting

Services to support customers with data centre consulting, audits, relocations and migrations including the strategy development, planning and execution of moves.

What does our business do?

Quinticon enables major enterprises to address the complexities, risks and unknown quantities involved in managing their ever-increasing infrastructure, data storage and backup demands.

Powered by a number of the industry’s most respected specialists, Quinticon delivers first class, independent consulting services tailored specifically to the client; turning business requirements into successful outcomes.

Quinticon addresses a critical niche market area that targets the provision of truly independent, results focused and high quality consulting.

Quinticon has built up trust with many customers and demonstrated that we can take on the responsibilities of a trusted advisor. We have proved time and time again independent thinking and vendor independence give the highest quality results.


When vendor independence is important.


What is your next critical mission?


Quinticon’s mission is to be known and respected as the premier data centre, infrastructure, storage and data management services provider in Australia. This has been achieved by consistently delivering value and positive outcomes for the Australian top 200, International and Global companies.

We have extended this work with our infrastructure and cloud consulting services, to establish an unquestionable reputation built on the service, delivery and professionalism.

Internally Quinticon strives to develop a healthy environment in which our staff enjoy and are challenged by their work, feel a part of the business and are nurtured to undertake continual staff development, training and growth as part of a cohesive team. By supporting and encouraging the best talent in our ranks, we are unquestionably able to deliver a consistent high quality result for our high end corporate clients.

If you want the very best data management, we are standing by to serve your critical IT needs.

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